RSA’s were formed throughout NZ when the First World War Veterans returned from battle. What was needed then was a place for them to meet, talk and socialise.

The Welfare Trusts were set up and run from within these RSA’s and Poppy money was dispersed to needy veterans for such things as glasses, dentures, wheelchairs, transport to and from Hospitals etc. Any profits made by the RSA are channelled into these funds also.

The core existence today must reflect its current members’ needs and activities whilst acknowledging its origins as a tribute to the past Returned Servicemen & Women.


Mr John Weller


Mr G Peter (Pira) Wichman
Mr Tony Phillips


Mr Paddy Fraser


Mrs Gaye Mantell

Exec Committee

Ms Kyson Hope
Mr Mat Hotere
Mr Duncan MacDonald
Mr Shannon Osborne
Mr Ron Paddon
Ms Collette Farrell
Mrs Rita Weller
Mr Alistair Wrathall
Mr David Pomeroy


We pride ourselves on providing a safe, friendly environment for our members and especially unaccompanied ladies who come for the dancing.

Tai will be on the door and will welcome you to the club on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. Tai can answer your questions, and can help to ensure that you have an enjoyable time in our facilities.

Should you have any problems whilst you are on site with us, please approach either Tai (the Doorperson) or Duty Manager who are here to help you.